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Recent Episodes

Episode 6 – Online Dating

In this episode of Dating Bytes the cast discusses the world of online dating. Host Matt Scanlan asks questions like who benefits from Online Dating? Who can share a good or bad experience? And what types of sites should peopl...

Episode 5 – Masturbation

The cast of Dating Bytes sits down and discusses the taboo topic of Masturbation! Listen in as host Matt Scanlan asks questions ranging from how often do you do it? What age did you start?...

Episode 4 – Oral Sex

Episode 4 of Dating Bytes listens in on the cast talking about the joys of oral sex. The guys and girls give tips on how to make oral sex better, how to prepare for it before it all ̵...

Episode 3 – SXT-ing

In today’s fast paced world, who uses their cell phone to actually talk to anyone anymore? A small percentage, that’s all! The world is now used to sending thoughts though txt and pictures. Host Matt Scanlan aka DJ Love ...

Episode 2 – Bad Dates

The Dating Bytes crew sits down to share Bad Date stories. Wanna know what to avoid to make a date turn south? Wanna know how to turn a bad date better? Listen in as Host Ma...