Episode 2 – Bad Dates

The Dating Bytes crew sits down to share Bad Date stories. Wanna know what to avoid to make a date turn south? Wanna know how to turn a bad date better? Listen in as Host Matt Scanlan aka DJ Love Hz interviews the guests of the show and gets all the dirty details out of our Co-Host Jessie Graham, our Producer James Rodney and our Gossip Specialist Whitney Tulio.

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Show Transcript


Matt: Hello, everybody, and welcome back to Dating Bytes, an online podcast about online dating in an online world. It is Wednesday the 8th of August, 2012. I am sitting in the studio here with my co-host once again, Jessie Graham. Hi, Jessie.

Jessie: Hey, guys. What's going on everyone?

Matt: How are you?

Jessie: I'm really great. It's a beautiful day outside today.

Matt: It is a gorgeous day in the City of Toronto.

Jessie: It's summertime.

Matt: It is. It is. How's that been? A little bit of a dating life over the weekend? Did you have some fun?

Jessie: I had a lot of fun. Yeah. It was a good weekend.

Matt: Okay. Well, we'll get to that.

Jessie: We'll get into it later.

Matt: Now, sitting in, our producer for the show, James Rodney. How are you, Mister Rodney?

James: What's up? I'm good. Just hanging out.

Matt: That's awesome.

James: Just recording a podcast.

Matt: And sitting in with us today is Whitney Tulio of gossipoverload.com. How are you, Whitney.

Whitney: Good, Matt. How are you?

Matt: How's your dating life going?

Whitney: Decently, actually. Shockingly.

Matt: Shockingly decent?

Whitney: Pretty good. I guess we'll get into that later, though.

Matt: Okay. Well, you know what? Hopefully, you guys, well, maybe not, but we're going to be talking about bad dates today. Hopefully you guys got some bad date stories. We'll get to that in a bit.

Whitney: Oh, I've got a lot.

Matt: I want to ask you guys something. What constitutes a bad date? I'm going to throw that question over to our producer first. Mr. Rodney, have you ever been on a bad date and what constitutes a bad date?

James: I would say I've been on a bad date, but I don't even know if it counts as a date because of what happened.

Matt: Well, what happened? What made it a bad date?

James: Okay. So I met this girl this one time and whatever, we added each other on Facebook. We were messaging each other back and forth and decided to go on a date, whatever. Maybe this is a bad plan, but I didn't want it to be for sure it was a date. I was like, "Oh, sweet. This is going to be a good date." Pretty obvious that it's a date. Then I go to meet her and she's hanging out with some friends before and they were leaving then I was going to go meet her at the bar.

I go there to meet her and it's this tiny bar with a few people just sitting around drinking. There was only two people there and one of them was her and then some other dude. I just assumed it was one of her friends that was about to leave. As I sit down, he doesn't leave and then I realized halfway into my first pint that they're holding hands under the table. So this girl bought her boyfriend on a date and thought that was a good idea.

Jessie: What?

James: Obviously, she didn't consider it a date. But why, either way, if you're hanging out with a friend, why would you just bring your boyfriend? Anyways.

Matt: So that's a good rule to go by. Don't go on your date with your boyfriend.

James: That's a good way to screw up a date, for sure.

Whitney: That constitutes a bad date.

James: I chugged the rest of my pint and said, "I got to go." Not even an excuse was made.

Matt: What were you about to say there, Jessie?

Jessie: I have a question for you, James, when you guys were messaging each other back and forth, was it flirty or no?

James: She told me more than one time she was excited.

Matt: Do you think she was trying to see you behind her boyfriend's back and her boyfriend caught onto it so he just stuck around?

James: Yeah. I always thought that he was probably like, "Wait, what dude are you meeting up with?" Because that's what I would do. I would be like "I'm going to sit here. You guys have fun." I think he was just like, "Okay. This isn't cool," and then hung around.

Jessie: She should have went to the bathroom, texted you and been like, "Date's canceled. We'll reschedule."

James: it shouldn't have happened. She should have said, "I have a boyfriend."

Matt: Well then it would look suspicious to her boyfriend, I would think.

James: It would have been a good start if she would have said "I have a boyfriend."

Jessie: Well, you know girls. They don't.

Matt: That's definitely a bad date.

Jessie: They like to lie a lot.

Matt: That's a bad date. Let me shoot that question over to you, Whitney. What constitutes a bad date?

Whitney: I honestly think a bad date is just no connection. You can't get a conversation going, awkward silences. I know sometimes it takes a while to get used to people but, I mean, if it's not there it's not there. You know that. You know that you're not having a good conversation. That's what a bad date is to me.

Jessie: First dates are always a little bit awkward. So I think that if it is somewhat awkward on the first date maybe you should give it a second chance because you could develop a better rapport with each other.

Whitney: See, that's what my girlfriends are constantly preaching to me. But I have never had a good, solid relationship with someone that I've had an awkward first date with, that I haven't had instant conversation, that I haven't had that connection with. It's all about conversation.

Jessie: I'm all for giving it a second chance, though.

Matt: Let me ask you a question now. if he's a good-looking guy and he's got a bit of money, are you more likely to stick around during that bad conversation.

Jessie: Fuck, yeah.

Whitney: I know exactly why you're asking me that, Matt. I know I make jokes about that a lot, that wallet is more important than brain, but, no, if the conversation is not there, I can't do it.

Matt: I wasn't just posing that to you, Whitney. It was in general.

Whitney: I'm sure a lot of girls would answer "Yes" to that. "Second date? Sure, why not? Most expensive restaurant in the city? Let's go."

Jessie: Are you kidding me? Free drinks?

Matt: But it was a bad date.

Whitney: No, because you can get that with someone who you are going to be able to have a good time with.

Jessie: But what if there's no one else?

Whitney: Then why torture yourself? How is that fun? How is it fun going on a second date where it's going to be awkward again? What's the point?

Jessie: It's good because if you don't like the guy and he's just buying you dinners and drinks, you don't have to impress him and you can just act however you want to act and order, "I'll have the pizza, the pasta and the calamari to start" because who cares? You don't like him.

Whitney: "I'll have everything on the menu to start."

Jessie: Then you can get wasted because you don't like him.

James: Girls are savages. This is crazy.

Whitney: No. I disagree with what you're saying, Jessie. I don't know.

Matt: I know a girl who recently went out on a date that she picked up. She met the guy through the internet. She went out and they went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto here and his picture was obviously a few years old. He had less hair and more fat than his picture displayed. She got in there thinking, "Oh, man. This is some type of bar or pub atmosphere. What am I going to eat?" As soon as she saw the guy she was like "I'm unloading on this giant burger." She went for the burger and fries. She said she had a great time, but her date and the companionship sucked.

Jessie: If it's just friends then whatever. Just stick it out.

Matt: Let me ask you guys. Let me ask you, Jess.

Jessie: Yes?

Matt: In a bad date, how do you get out of it? You're in a bad date, you've gone out somewhere. How do you prepare for the possibility of a bad date? Do you have girlfriends that set you up for the famous help call?

Jessie: A lot of girls do that and you see it on "Sex In the City" and stuff like that, but I think because all guys know about that, that it's pretty obvious. For me, if I'm on a bad date I just wrap it up. That's why I always schedule a date for either coffee or drinks.

Matt: Wait, you mean just end the date?

Jessie: Just end it. But you schedule just coffee or drinks and then you can get out of it easily. So you go for a coffee. You have one coffee then you're like, "Okay. Well, it's been a slice. Got to go."

James: But if you like the guy then you go do something else?

Jessie: Exactly. Then if you like the date, you say "Okay. Well, this coffee was great, but maybe we should get dessert now." If you do a drink, same thing. I'll have a beer. You have a beer.

Matt: That's how you keep a good date going. But how do we get out of a bad date?

Jessie: You have one drink then if it's bad, then you just be like "Okay. Well, you know, it was a good time and I've got to go." You can make up a lie.

James: What if you're not out for coffees? Let's go for a dinner, and the dinner date's bad.

Jessie: No. You don't do dinner.

James: You just go "No. I don't want to go for dinner."

Jessie: Yeah.

Matt: First date, you don't do dinner, then. That's what you're saying?

Jessie: I'm thinking that's a good first date rule. Don't do dinner because then you're trapped for at least an hour and a half.

Matt: That's a very good call.

Jessie: Then if you don't want to be there, that sucks.

Matt: Let me ask you, Whitney, have you ever just ditched a bad date and is it acceptable to do such a thing?

Whitney: I haven't just straight-up ditched a date. I haven't been sitting there and said, "Listen, bud. You're boring me to pieces. I'm out. Have a good time." But I have gotten the out call for every single date I've been on in the past three years.

Jessie: Does that actually work? I've never actually tried it.

Whitney: Yes, yes. I can't go on dates without the out call.

Matt: Let's explain the out call.

Whitney: Okay. So the out call is you know what time you're going out. So if you're meeting a guy a 7:00, you get one of your girl friends to call you at 7:20, 7:30, whatever you're comfortable with, to give you an excuse to leave. Once you get off the phone, you're able to have a reason to say, "Listen. I'm so sorry to have to do this, but this is the situation. I've got to go."

Jessie: Do you answer if you like the guy? Or do you just press "Ignore?"

Whitney: No. If you like the guy, just put the phone away. It doesn't matter. You don't need it. But, Okay. I get it. It's a little bit rude. But it's better than hurting his feelings and saying, "I don't like you. I'm out of here."

James: Yeah, but it's pretty obvious if someone's like, "Oh, there's been a tornado at my grandma's house. I've got to go."

Matt: Or there's an asteroid about to hit the Earth.

Whitney: A lot of my friends give me that one. If you don't get the right people to give you the out call, you just have your friends calling you and trying to make you laugh. Then you can't be serious and you can't leave the date.

Matt: Then you can't leave the date. You're right. So you have sabotage.

Whitney: Oh, yeah. Definitely.

Matt: Sabotage on a bad date.

Whitney: But there has been many a bad date that I've left thanks to the out call.

Jessie: My girlfriend recently went on a date with this guy and he farted in the middle of the date.

Matt: Wait a second, wait a second. At the dinner table?

Jessie: At the dinner table. They're in a restaurant. He farted. He was sitting on a wooden bench and it echoed and it rumbled so loud she stood up and walked out of the restaurant and never came back and never talked to him again.

Whitney: See? That's a little bit different because it's not like the guy meant to fart. He was probably so embarrassed to begin with and then heartbroken after that.

James: And now he's left alone at a restaurant with the stench of his own fart?

Matt: And has to pay for the bill.

Jessie: She said that everyone in the restaurant was like, "What the fuck?" His face was just like, yeah. She literally stood up and walked out the door. Didn't say a word.

Whitney: That's a bad date, though, for that guy especially.

James: That's a great bad date.

Whitney: He not only farted in public, his date left him. That sucks.

James: That guy's going to be ruined for the rest of his life. Every time he farts he's going to remember that date.

Matt: If you ever, ever hear this podcast, just go to the washroom and let one slip while you're at the urinal.

Jessie: Hold it in.

James: One better, just lift one cheek when you fart and it doesn't rumble as much.

Jessie: There you go.

James: That's all you have to do.

Jessie: It doesn't rumble as much.

James: I farted three times since we started recording.

Whitney: You know what? There's a stench in this office. I had a feeling.

Jessie: Yeah.

Matt: Let me ask you, how do you make a bad date better? James, I'm going to go to you on this one.

James: How to make a bad date better? Just, I don't know. If I'm stuck on a bad date I'm not having a good time. I don't even have any drive to make it better. But I guess you could change.

Jessie: What if she was super hot?

Matt: Yeah, what if you're really interested in her?

James: I was in this exact situation, for real, once. I was on a date with this girl. She was a model. Whatever, not a big deal. I mostly was just attracted to her, obviously, because she's hot. We were supposed to go out for dessert or to a party or something after dinner. I don't remember. When I was talking to her, I was making a joke about something and I said, "Negro". I'm black, so it's not a big deal and she's like, "You can't say that." I was like, "Sorry?" She's like, "You can't say that word. No one should say that." I was like, "Who are you?"

Matt: Nobody should say negro?

James: Yeah.

Matt: But it's not an offensive word.

Jessie: Well, it depends if it's you that's saying it.

Whitney: It's offensive if you use it in an offensive context.

Matt: Well, if you say it in a condescending tone, you can say anything in a condescending tone. You can be like, "Oh, whatever, blondie".

James: You're not going to be like, "Can I get a transpo for my negro friend here".

Matt: My negro friend's going to sit at the back of the bus.

Jessie: Were you offended? Or were you just like, "You're stupid".

James: No. I was just like, "You're stupid" then I changed it from going out to dessert to something so I didn't have to talk to her at, like a movie. I was like, "Hey, you want to see a movie instead?" She was like, "Yeah, that's cool."

Jessie: Perfect.

James: Then I just didn't have to talk to her and I didn't have to ditch.

Jessie: See? That's how you make a bad date better, you go to a movie so you don't have to talk.

Whitney: That's not making it better.

James: It made it better because I didn't have to talk to her and I didn't ditch.

Matt: I automatically think a lot of situations get better if you don't have to talk to people.

James: She's a lot better looking when she doesn't talk, so that's the perfect place. If you're listening to this, which I doubt, I'm not sorry.

Jessie: If you want to make a bad date better, just get drunk, then you won't remember.

Whitney: But do you want to make a bad date better? If it's a bad date, what's the point? Just leave it?

Matt: Well, this is the thing: what if you need to get it in? What if he or she is a good-looking person? What if it's someone you never thought you'd have a chance with? Yeah. I want to just get it in there. You know what I mean? She looks bored, he looks bored.

Jessie: Just get drunk.

James: That's her advice for every podcast, get drunk.

Jessie: Speaking of getting drunk, I need to have a drink right now.

James: Going to have a one night stand? Get drunk. It's true, though.

Whitney: Yeah. If you just want to get it in, you don't need to make the date better. You simply just suggest it.

Matt: Can you be that honest with them?

James: No way.

Matt: In the middle of a bad date, can you just turn around and be like, "Listen, I really just want to get laid"?

Whitney: If you and Jessie were on a date and she's not fun, she's not cool, but she looks the way she does? For the viewers that haven't seen her, she's a babe.

Matt: She's pretty hot, everybody.

Whitney: If she was like "Listen, Matt, I'm not really feeling it but I kind of want to sleep with you anyways. How do you feel about us ending this here and going back to your place, getting it in and saying goodbye?" you would say no to that?

Jessie: I'd be like, "Yo, let's do it."

Matt: I'd be all over that like white on rice.

Whitney: Exactly. You don't need to fix the date. You don't need to try. You just have to be honest.

James: But a guy can't say that to a girl on a date, "This date is shitty. I just want to fuck you. How about that?" She'll be like, "Bye," and leave.

Matt: You've got a better chance ripping a fart on a wooden board.

James: Yeah, you might get lucky and that's her fetish then you get laid.

Whitney: That's her fetish and she likes farts.

Jessie: Yeah, there you go.

James: No girl is going to say, "I'll leave this classy restaurant in front of all these people to go fuck".

Matt: If you're sitting on a wooden bench, it's no classy restaurant.

Jessie: That's true.

James: That's true. Where were they?

Matt: Probably at Licks or something like that. Montana Steakhouse.

James: No, they have padded seats, I think, actually.

Matt: So, Jess, why don't you share with us one of your most recent bad date stories?

Jessie: Okay. I went out with this guy a couple weeks ago.

Matt: How'd you meet him?

Jessie: I met him through a friend.

Matt: So it was a blind date?

Jessie: We had met at a bar one night but it was just really briefly and then she kind of hooked it up or whatever.

Matt: Okay. You met him once, things were good and then?

Jessie: We went out and we went out for dinner and the conversation was okay and it was good or whatever, but he was rude. He would text message during the date, I think he even took a phone call at one point, he didn't pay for my meal at the end of it and made us go 50-50. As soon as that happened, I put my money on my table and walked out. He gave me a hug and he kind of tried to go in for a kiss and I was like, "No." I walked away and he texted me the next day and I never even wrote back.

James: If he paid it would have been a good date?

Jessie: No. It would have been decent. It would have been Okay.

Matt: But the ball was definitely dropped when he didn't pay? Did he bring this up in conversation? Did he say, "Hey, we're going to go Dutch?"

Jessie: No. The waitress came over and she was like, "Okay. Are you guys ready for your bill" because we had a couple drinks, we had some food and stuff and he was like, "Yeah. Separate bills," and my mouth . . .

Matt: He didn't ask you? I've been out.

James: I've been out.

Matt: I've been at social occasions. I've been out with somebody and even they've suggested, "I don't want you to pay for it. Can we go Dutch or can we split it?" You know what I mean? I don't know. I think there should be a conversation. A guy should imply that he's going to pay for it.

Jessie: No. Guys, if you're going on a first date, you're supposed to pay for the chick. Yes. I'm sorry. 100%. You are supposed to pay for the chick. That's it. Bottom line.

Whitney: First date, definitely. Go traditional.

Jessie: Try and be a little bit nice. Maybe hold the door open for me. Don't text while we're having a conversation and then be like, "What did you say? Because I was too busy texting whoever"

Matt: Yeah, that sounds like it was just a bad date. That sounds like a bad date.

Jessie: He was really hot, but it wasn't worth it.

Whitney: Even if it was a good date, texting is a pretty big deal breaker. Am I not interesting enough to keep your attention for one hour?

Jessie: Yeah, seriously.

Whitney: If something is that important, you probably shouldn't be on a date anyways.

Jessie: I could see my phone lighting up in my purse, but I didn't reach for it.

Whitney: Exactly. Exactly. If it's so important, you shouldn't be on this date. If this date is important to you then don't touch your phone. It's as simple as that.

Jessie: Agreed.

Matt: What if the person was a doctor?

Whitney: Then state that at the starting of the date.

Matt: Just being a devil's advocate here.

Jessie: That's a different situation.

James: If he was a doctor then that's Okay. He could have farted during that date.

Whitney: He's still a doctor.

James: If you have a million dollars, you can take a crap in the wooden bench.

Whitney: This only applies on dates with James Rodney.

Matt: "This isn't going very well but if you want to go back to my place and get it in?"

Jessie: Exactly.

Whitney: I know I just shit on this bench, but . . .

James: I know you just took a dump on our date, but how much money did you say you have again?

Jessie: Clearly he's not a doctor because he didn't pay for my meal or drinks. He made me pay for it. Come on.

James: Maybe that's his test. If a girl doesn't like that then he doesn't want her.

Jessie: That's a bad test. If he was a gentleman then he wouldn't have.

Matt: He wouldn't have what?

Jessie: He wouldn't have done that.

Matt: Whitney, let's hear a bad date story from you.

Whitney: Oh, my god.

Matt: You're just full of them, so you're going to have to pick a good one.

Whitney: That's pressure. That's a lot of pressure. But, okay. The worst recent date that I went on was about three months ago. Nice restaurant, nice-looking guy. He was a cousin of one of my best friends.

James: I was like, "Holy shit." I just heard, "He was a cousin".

Whitney: No, he was a cousin of a good friend. So I had a pretty high opinion of him going into it. It was good conversation throughout the date. Then at one point he was getting maybe a little bit tipsy? I don't know if it was liquid courage or if he just became super cocky. I don't know. So he asked if I wanted to hang out once the dinner was done. I said sure because I was genuinely having a good time. He takes out his phone, slides it over and it's a dick picture. Just on his phone.

Jessie: Oh, my god. His own dick?

Whitney: Yeah. His own dick.

Matt: "His own dick?" She asks.

Whitney: He slid it over. We're in the middle of the restaurant.

Matt: No, it's the waiter's.

Whitney: Anybody could have walked past and looked at the table. But he literally slid it across the table. I looked at it confused for a second because I didn't know what it was. I realized what it was and I looked at him and he just raised his eyebrows at me.

Jessie: Does that mean a handy under the table or a blow job in the bathroom? What does that mean?

Whitney: That means taxi ride home. I am not getting in your car. That's what that means. That means this date is done right now. What was that?

James: That's a very rape-y move. You're just like, "I'm going to force you to look at my dick on my phone right now in this restaurant".

Whitney: That's a bad date right there. Come on.

James: What's worse? Farting during a date or showing a dick picture?

Whitney: Dick picture.

Jessie: Farting.

Whitney: Jessie asks for them. That's why he does it now. He went on a date with Jessie beforehand and she was like "Will you just slide your phone over with a dick picture? I've got to see what I'm working with."

Jessie: "Go in the bathroom right now and take a picture of your dick." It's like a screen test before you actually.

Matt: How do you make a bad date better? Slide over a picture of your dick. If it's a bad date you've got nothing to lose. Just go to the washroom and take a picture of your cock and balls.

Jessie: You know what? I don't blame the guy.

Whitney: You don't?

James: You don't blame him for showing you his dick picture in the middle of dinner?

Jessie: Because the you can see what it looks like and then you can decide if you want to have sex with him or not.

James: What is this new thing I'm hearing about right now?

Matt: So you don't decide until you see it now?

Jessie: Well, you know.

James: You're just like, "Never mind. I don't like your dick. Put on your clothes and get out,"

Whitney: No. Well, it's true. Girls, the first time they see it they literally are staring down the barrel of it. You don't get warning. "By the way, this is what's going to be in and around you in a couple of seconds."

James: I'll let you in on a secret. Limp dick is nothing. It sucks.

Whitney: What does that mean?

James: No one likes limp dick and balls. No one thinks it looks good.

Whitney: No. We know this.

Matt: Oh, god. Nothing on the male body looks good. But the woman body is just beautiful in every aspect. Guys have extra elbow skin at the bottom of their cut. That's all it is. That's what it looks like. It looks like elbow skin down there. You know what I mean?

James: It does. Do you really sac of my elbow skin and that little hot dog hanging there?  You ladies want to see?

Whitney: This podcast has gone horribly wrong.

Matt: James Rodney's dick.

James: You've got to be descriptive for the people listening.

Matt: I think we should send out Whitney's phone number so she can get some dick pics sent to her.

James: Do you honestly think that's not that big of a deal, the dick picture thing?

Jessie: No, I do. I do.

James: Would you freak out if someone did that? If it was a good dick, though, would  you?

Whitney: I don't like that. That's disrespectful.

Jessie: Even if it was a good dick, I would be like "Okay. This is weird."

James: What if it was a bad dick, but he paid?

Jessie: Okay. Now I'm getting confused.

Whitney: For real, though. That is disrespectful.

Jessie: It is. It is.

Whitney: That's like being on a date and saying, "Look at this porn". No.

Jessie: I have a really slutty friend, though.

James: If a girl did that to me and just slid over her phone and it's a picture of her boobs, I'd be like, "This might work. This might work out." Seems to be okay the opposite way.

Jessie: You obviously don't give off a slutty vibe, though. I have a girlfriend who is the biggest slut ever and she'll meet guys and she'll be like, "Hey, send me a picture of your dick." First date.

Whitney: See? I'm not that kind of girl.

Jessie: I guess it depends. For you that was very inappropriate.

Whitney: Yeah.

James: I guess we'll have to have an episode about sending nudes.

Jessie: Sexting.

Matt: Maybe that's what we should do. Texting etiquette.

Whitney: Okay.

Matt: That's a good conversation.

Jessie: Perfect.

James: Now it seems like all these dates are set up through text message. It seems normal. When was the last time you got a call, yes, I want to date?

Whitney: Never.

Matt: I find that a lot lately is that if I'm talking to people I'm pretty witty through text and written word.

Jessie: Right. Because you can think about it.

Matt: And I think a lot of people are like that. That's the thing. What can lead to a bad date is definitely having that chemistry in written word and meeting the person for the first or second time and it just dries up.

James: It ties into online dating.

Matt: You're like, "You're not quick and funny whatsoever."

Jessie: Oh, that's the worst.

Whitney: That is where a lot of online dates go awry because you have this rapport that you've built up over two weeks and then you decide to meet in real life, the pressure builds, then when you finally meet them you don't have that three or four minutes or two weeks or, however long it takes for you to respond, to think of these things and day them. You have to do it on the spot so it's like a different person.

James: Totally. Then when you're reading it you're imaging the person's intentions and their expressions and everything. So when you see them you're like "This person's not as fun."

Whitney: Exactly.

James: "That's not the way I was reading it at all."

Whitney: See? If James Rodney would be like "I'm a producer for a podcast" she could be like "Wow. That's great." So James reads it as "Wow! That's great!" He'll be like "Man, this girl's so into me." When really, she's like "Wow. That's great. This guy clearly didn't go to college." It's two different things. You are. You're interpreting it however you want.

Matt: The written word conveys no tone.

James: But I think we're getting good at it.

Jessie: Unless she put an exclamation at the end of it.

James: I think we're good at understanding sarcasm by text now because everyone texts now all the time.

Matt: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think that'll wrap it up for this episode. That's Dating Bytes and Bad Dates. We're going to come to you over the next couple weeks with even more ridiculous stories, like sexual health, confidence, we've got dating out of your league, open relationships, dating a friend, texting photos and sexting. We're definitely going to be talking about that.

James: For sure.

Matt: We should do that on the next one.

Jessie: Yeah.

James: I'm definitely going to slide over a picture of my dick during the podcast.

Jessie: Perfect.

Whitney: Everyone bring a nude and we're going to show everyone.

James: We'll do a nude swap. All right.

Matt: A nude swap. Thank you very much, everybody. This is Dating Bytes. Make sure to check out the Dating Bytes website at dating-bytes.com to find out all of our Twitter, Facebook and all the rest of the information to get on our social handles. Make sure to follow us and tune in for the next episode soon. Thank you very much.

Jessie: That was good.



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